1. CTRL Overview
There are several main sections of the new system that allow the user to manage their betting offer in detail.
Some are particularly useful for pre-match such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Archive
  • Config
  • Statistics

     When the user logs in to 
    they will be brought automatically to the monitoring overview, this is the main screen where the day to day use of Ctrl takes place.

    There are 2 views:

  • Firstly, the monitoring overview provides a high-level look at all the current events and their ‘headline’ details, including main markets and a quick comparison against nominated main competitors
  • By clicking on an individual event, the user can explore that event’s Match Up view.
        - This provides full details of the event and its markets, along with a full comparison with a nominated wider market, from here the user can also adjust their own odds whenever and wherever they see fit.
          Any event or market can be quickly suspended and market keys can be instantly modified.

    The alerts section provides a centralised location where all events with an active alert can be reviewed and addressed quickly and efficiently to minimise the bookmaker’s potential for exposure.
    A new event ‘alert score’ has been developed to provide the bookmaker with an efficient way to easily prioritise and categorize multiple events across different sports with active alerts.

    The archive provides a historical database of all events and each event’s markets from the past, including specific information regarding the market status and odds changes.
    Thus, it will be possible to quickly browse changes made to a previous event, the source of the change and which user performed the change.

    In the config the user can set up Ctrl with a much greater level of specificity ever afforded by any prior system.
    Tournaments and markets can be switched off altogether, be used for monitoring purposes only, or be set to be fully controllable.
    Dynamic odds key templates can be configured to be used on as granular as match specific level, and specific bookmakers can be selected and awarded a weighting to count towards market averages and wider comparison across all of Ctrl.

    By clicking on the statistics you will be automatically redirected to Betradar’s Statistics Centre, with information about all the sports that are covered.

    There are some other very useful sections such as the Help section and others related to the inplay offer management, such as the Live Data Client and the Live Booking Calendar.

    The help section contains a series of tutorial videos that should help to learn more about Ctrl, its features and how to use and set them up.
    These should help to find more information about specific sections of the Ctrl interface.
    It also contains a direct link to download the latest version of this manual that you are reading now and also a link to the Inside Ctrl blog (www.insidectrl.com), where the latest news about Ctrl are published.

    The Live Data Client is a tool that allows the user to find real time data about the live events covered by our scouts and track what is happening during such events.
    This can be done while the event is taking place or once it has already happened, in order to check any data that might be of interest,

    The Live Booking Calendar allows the user to see which Live Events Betradar has on offer every day, and makes it possible to book them in order to receive the relevant data about them. 

    Additionally, a ‘Betradar Legacy Button’ can be found, where all sections from the old betradar.com interface can be accessed. A SSO (Single Sign On) concept is used, so the user will just be redirected to any section of the old betradar.com interface that might be of interest.

    This will progressively become less and less necessary, but it has been done in order to allow the user to find all relevant information that he might have been using in the past in the other interface without losing any details.

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