5.2.1 Expected total alerts
This alert type will give you alert coverage for Total lines where there are no other bookmakers’ odds to generate a market average.

Expected total alerts are currently only available for Soccer and Basketball.

These alerts take the average odds from other total lines (with odds) and formulate ‘derived odds’ (See above example). If the Expected version is “worse” than the regular alerts, then it will be displayed instead.

Alerted outcomes will have a slightly different icon, to the regular Deviation and Valuebet alert icons, with a noticeable trim around the edge.
In the example above, your odds for Over 2 at 1.98 are significantly higher than the “expected” odds of 1.713 for the same outcome. This is producing an Expected Total Valuebet.
The pop-up also contains some additional information listing the percentage difference (6% here for a Valuebet type calculation), your own Expected Total (2.01 goals in the match) and the average (or market) Expected Total (2.231 goals in the match).

If you want to disable the effects of this alert on the total score simply click in the pop-up, where shown below.

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