5. Alerts
The Alerts section is the central location for viewing events with active alerts across any sport, category or tournament.
The user should find it familiar as it has many of the same features seen elsewhere in Ctrl, for example the sports tree, quick filters and each alerted events’ ‘headline’ (without any odds in this case).

The sports tree will only show sports that contain events that have active alerts within them.

The alerted matches will be shown in the main page and sorted from highest to lowest alert score, so they can be treated in accordance with their relevance.
There are 2 different levels of alerts, one being red, the emergency alerts, whose alert score is 70 or higher. The amber level of alert will include those that have an alert score between 50 and 70.

Proactive alerts are not yet active in this version of Ctrl, they will be implemented in future releases.

If a user is looking at a particular alerted event in Match Up view this will show their avatar over that event’s headline, which will also be blacked out in the alerts section, to avoid having multiple users editing the same event at the same time.

The quick filters (red box below) work the same as those in the monitoring overview, but here they will only filter between events that are already alerted.

There is also an option to switch between pending alerts or muted alerts (green box below).

The user can mute any alerted event for a length of time, or until a certain alert score has been reached (chapter 3.1.2 of this manual).
Pending alerts are alerts that have occurred that have not yet been dealt with (green box). The search bar (purple box) is also very useful for quickly searching a team or player name part of an alerted event.

N.B the sports tree, quick filters, pending/muted alerts button and search bar can all be used in conjunction to narrow down the alerts currently being displayed

If the user wishes to explore the alert score of an alerted event from this section they can click on the alert score (chapter 5.1 of this manual) to bring up the alert details popup (screenshot below and chapter 5.2 of this manual).

To resolve or disable the alerts the user should click on that event headline to be taken to monitoring Match Up view (chapter 3.2 of this manual).
From here all details can be found and any adjustments made.

If the user wishes to mute any alerted event they can do so by simply clicking the comments button on the event headline, this can be done directly in the alerts section or in monitoring (chapter 3.1.2 of this manual).
From here will be an option to mute, mute until a certain alert score is reached, or mute until a particular date and time.

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