5.4 Alert suppression rules
Below the surebet suppression rules can be found, which are the instances by which a certain alert might not be triggered. This means, whenever what is described below happens, the respective alert will not be shown.
This has been done in order to avoid unnecessary alert noise.

Surebet Suppression Rules

False/Unwanted alerts can be suppressed. Various configurations avoid unnecessary Surebet alerts.

General Rule for Suppression “Minimum Number of Opponents

 In order to reduce the risk of suppressing valid alerts all suppression-rules should only be for markets where at least a certain amount of bookmakers “(x) Alert Bookmakers” are offering odds.

Default amount of bookmakers offering odds: x = 5

Suppression rule “Surebet general threshold

If the calculated odds key of all involved Surebet outcomes is higher than x, the Surebet Alert will not be triggered.

Current default value is 98% = A Surebet alert with 99% will not be triggered.

Suppression rule “Own odds below average

In case your own odds where the alert is triggered are lower than the market average odds, a Surebet Alert is not necessary and will be suppressed

Suppression rule “There is a decent number of more generous bookmakers

The surebet alert will be Suppressed if there are at least x bookies within your alert bookmakers that offer higher odds than your own odds

Default Value is 10

Suppression rule “Opponents’ odd(s) triggers more surebets

The rule counts the surebet combinations of own odds and the surebet combinations of each opponents = alert bookmakers odds within the surebet. Then we apply a factor X.
The alert is suppressed if my own odds trigger for example 2 surebets and one of the bookmakers’ odds I compare with triggers 10.

Default factor is 5

Suppression rule “Opponent is way out

Suppresses the alerts, if any “opponents'” netwin (=odd-1) is at least x % higher than the average netwin (configured alert bookmakers)

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