2.8.2 Multiple Lines Configuration
When the ‘more’ option is selected on a multiple line market
For example - Totals or Asian handicap, in addition to the margin adjustment tools there will also be the line configuration tools, as shown below (in red).

Multiple Lines Configuration> Line Granularity

The multiple line configuration tools allow the user to check a box to specify the granularity of the lines- x.25, x5, x.75 and x.0 (red box below).

The x.5 line is greyed out as it cannot be disabled on any market with multiple lines.

Multiple Lines Configuration> Max Number of Lines

Additionally, the max number of lines allowed for that market at any one time can be limited using the ‘Max Number’ drop down menu (in blue below).

Multiple Lines Configuration>Range Limitation

Finally, on markets with multiple lines, the template row can be expanded using the ‘market’ tab (red below) to show the range limitation field.

The range limitation can be used to set a minimum odds value tolerated before a line will become suspended.

This allows the user to ensure that only competitive lines are being offered.

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