Feed documentation explanation
Within the individual documentation for each sport linked to from the Documentation page, http://developer.sportradar.com/files/index.html, we provide Schema documents (XSDs) for every feed, as well the correct syntax to make a call, and a sample data example for the result. For each sport, which should be considered a separate API library, we have two documents - the Statistical Summary, and the Extended Documentation. 

The stats summary is an organized list of which statistics are provided. Within the extended documentation, you can see precisely which element/attribute of which feeds provide those stats, as well as its data type (e.g. string/decimal/integer, etc.). For return data values that are not intuitive, such as the game statuses, or pitch types, baserunner outcomes, etc., they will be listed out in the FAQ section at the end of the Extended Documentation. 

Also many clients find that the I/O (input/output) Docs, http://developer.sportradar.com/io-docs, are extremely helpful for exploring the feeds and the data they return.Please let us know if you have any additional questions about the documentation or the feeds.
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