5.1 Alert score
The alert score is a new feature in Ctrl, it combines all the active alerts on that particular event to create a total alert score.
This provides the user with an easy to understand and uniform way to quickly identify and compare alerted events and markets that most urgently require attention.
The overall score is created based on individual alerts triggered. The alert factor set for in the config that particular tournament/league (chapter 2.5.1 of this manual) will also have an effect on the final alert score.

The contribution of each alert to the total score can change based on other current alerts and the type of markets affected.
Below is a basic overview of the multipliers associated with alert circumstances which generate that alert’s final contribution to the overall alert score:

- For model driving markets = x 1.5; for all other markets = x 0.5

Moreover, whenever there are multiple alerted markets for the same event, the scores of such markets are not simply accumulated arithmetically. Instead, they are accumulated following Pythagoras’ logic or the right-angle method.
This means that the first alerted market contributes 100% of its potential, but every additional market with the same alert will contribute a reduced alert score that follows Pythagoras rule.

For example, if there are 4 different alerted markets on the same event with the same alert type that would independently contribute a score of 100 each, in combination all four would contribute 199.99 only, as follows:

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